Terrain Navigator Pro (TNP) comes bundled with high resolution scans of USGS topographic maps, current aerial photographs and satellite images, and a detailed street layer. Don’t waste time finding base maps for your project: get mapping in minutes with everything you need to get started, and quickly add your own overlays and base maps.

+ Property Ownership Maps

View private property lines, landowner names and parcel numbers on desktop and mobile app with the TNP + Premium Ownership edition.

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TNP includes powerful and easy to use software. Customize maps and photos with labels, marks, symbols, lines, routes, tracks, area fills, GIS data sets, and more. Use the built-in printing and publishing to create digital and paper prints with text, logos, inset maps, legends, etc. Layers, maps, and photos can be exported to be used in other GIS and CAD software or image editor.

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Mobile App

Take advantage of your smartphone's GPS receiver to bring one less piece of equipment into the field. Use the TNP mobile app to find, collect and share annotated aerial or topo maps. A mobile connection will enable you to synchronize these annotated maps with TNP desktop, or you can store the maps to download once you are back in cell coverage or WiFi. Compatible with Android and iPhone.

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Web and Cloud

Synchronize maps and data between the desktop software and mobile app automatically. Push maps and projects to your mobile device, or synchronize field notes with the desktop so your field project is waiting for you when you return to the office.

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Single or Multi-User Configurations

With multi-user accounts you have all the power of TNP desktop and mobile, but with added team collaboration, sharing, and multi-user project development. Track teammate positions in real time for simultaneous display on desktop and mobile devices. Annotate maps for individual or team use from anywhere whether in the field, in the office or on the go from any TNP device. Control the administrative privileges by customizing the number of users as the needs of your organization evolve.

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